How To Become A Product Tester

I am asked all the time "How do I become a Product Tester"? Or "Can I do some Product Testing too?"

From time to time we do need someone to do Product Testing on Products sent to us, HOWEVER, there is no short line of folks ready and willing and waiting to be that Product Tester. If you own and ride a Zebra, please contact us. We might just have items for a Zebra to test for us. Or if you have an itty bitty Miniature Horse that is trained to ride and drive. Otherwise, thanks for asking. I can keep you in mind, but the truth is we have it covered right now.

Product Testers

From time to time we might need someone to test a product for us. What does it pay? You get to keep the product Reviewed and you get the admiration of all the people that read your review and see your horse and or you out and about in the new item.

When we look for people to test products for us we look for people with riding experience that write well, that are out and about on their horses (showing, trail rides, events). People that are not shy and visit with other equine folks often. Testers need to be honest in their reviews. If you want to become a tester you also need to be active on Horse Lists or Boards on Yahoo or other Groups Homes as well as have a Facebook page and perhaps your own website.

If you have a unique equine, super small miniature horse, donkey or mule, that is trained to ride and or drive, a zebra you ride or drive, a super jumper, a horse, donkey or mule you use while hunting with a hawk, or other unique equine, please join the group/list below, we might just need your opinion on a few products.

If you would be chosen to test an item the products are sent to you free of charge and you do start Reviewing as soon as the package arrives. You start by telling how the item(s) was/were packed and your first impression of them "out of the box". You do get to keep the product, but down the road we will ask for another written review on the item.

We set up a Yahoo Groups group/list on this subject for feedback. We would love for you to join. There you can also ask questions about products, tell your experience with the product, if you are the manufacturer or dealer of the product you might tell us more on the item, talk to the Product Testers, chit chat, share clean jokes and meet new Equine Friends. We encourage you to join us there.

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