Horse Hair Products and Jewelry

These items are Crafted using Horse Hair, usually Tail Hair.


Horse Hair Jewelry Horse Hair Clasp Closeup  2015-04-28

About the Product

Horse Hair Jewelry (NECKLACE and or HATBAND)
made by SC Equine Custom Horse Hair Jewelry & Keepsakes

First Impressions

When this product arrived I smiled. Not only is it a well made, make that very well Hand Crafted Item, but the packaging made it seem Diamonds had arrived. And if I had sent Stephanie Clegg my own Horse's Hair, like many of you, this product would be even more Precious than Diamonds!

Many times, horse hair products are "itchy and scratchy", they look worn and torn from the start, and they are very stiff. Stephanie's product was hand crafted so that it is not only beautiful to look at, it is soft and supple with no short hairs that stick out to make a person "itchy" wearing them. As I said before: VERY NICELY HAND CRAFTED.

Not only that, but the Clasp is of superior quality. The one I received is obviously Sterling Silver and made well. You would not have to worry about a cheap clasp breaking and loosing your horse's hair.

In my Necklace, that could also be used for a Hat Band on a smaller hat, there is a Gold Cord that Highlights the Horse Hair and makes this Necklace really stand out, makes it "pop".

My first impression of this product was DELIGHT! Not only is it nice to look at, but the touch and feel are better than many others (same product that is) I have seen.

About the Product

The Necklace/Hat Band I received is a full 17 1/2" long, this size will fit around and look nice on most necks that ride horses. As I said the claps is high quality and opens and closes very easily. The colors of the horse hair are clean and a smooth, blended well, and mixed nicely with the gold cord that is front and center and remains so throughout the whole Necklace.

To me, not only a horse owner, but a horse owner that keeps her horses until the day they die, this Necklace is STUNNING! While not made with my own horses hair, it sure makes me think of all that I have Loved, Owned and Ridden in my lifetime. It also brings to mind the ones that have left earth after long lives on our own property.

It is a beautiful piece of Jewelry to wear to not only Horse Events, but a night on the town. Any Cowgirl will want one of these Necklaces, and Cowboys will want one to fit their Cowboy Hats.

After 30 Days Use

LOVELY LOVELY LOVEY. This piece is really a quality Hand Crafted Item. One that with care, will not only last a life time but look as nice as it did when it arrived in your mailbox.

Deron's Notes

Deron did not wear this particular product.

On Going Notes

Stephanie Clegg - SC Equine, offers not only Necklaces, but also Bracelets, earrings, key chains, Hat Bands and more. Their items are VERY REASONABLY PRICED FOR THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT! She can make these items with your own Horse Hair too.

I will highly recommend this shop for Horse Hair Jewelry or having Jewelry made from your own Horse Hair.

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-- The Horse Product Review Team
Tue, 28 Apr 2015 11:11:22 -0400

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